1. Elementary Differential Geometry - Pressley, Andrew 2010

    Book Essential This is the ebook copy of the main resource for the module.

  2. Curves and surfaces - Montiel, Sebastián, Ros, Antonio, Babbitt, Donald G. 2009

    Book Background

  3. Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces: A Concise Guide - Toponogov, Victor A., Rovenski, Vladimir Y. 2006

    Book Essential This is the ebook copy

  4. Differential geometry: curves - surfaces - manifolds - Kühnel, Wolfgang c2006

    Book Essential

  5. A panoramic view of Riemannian geometry - Berger, Marcel 2002

    Book Background

  6. Differential geometry and relativity theory: an introduction - Faber, Richard L. 1983

    Book Background

  7. Geometry and interpolation of curves and surfaces - McLeod, Robin J. Y., Baart, M. Louisa 1998

    Book Background

  8. An introduction to differential geometry - T. Willmore 1959 (1989 printing)

    Book Background

  9. Minimal surfaces in R³ - J. Lucas M. Barbosa, A. Gervasio Colares 1986

    Book Essential This book might be helpful for your project.

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