1. Understanding regulation: theory, strategy, and practice - Robert Baldwin, Martin Cave, Martin Lodge 2012

    Book Essential

  2. The Oxford handbook of regulation - Robert Baldwin, Martin Cave, Martin Lodge 2010

    Book Essential

  3. The concept of law - H. L. A. Hart, Joseph Raz, Penelope A. Bulloch 2012

    Book Background

  4. Economic analysis of law - Richard A. Posner, Aspen Publishers c2011

    Book Essential

  5. Ellinger's modern banking law - E. P. Ellinger, Eva Z. Lomnicka, C. Hare 2011

    Book Background

  6. Websites 7 items
    1. Bank of England - Home | Bank of England

      Webpage  This is the official website of the Bank of England, the Central Bank of the United Kingdom. The principal role of the Bank of England is to maintain and promote monetary and financial stability. Alongside the Financial Services Authority is one of the most important regulators in the UK. This website is highly recommended as it provides information about everything you need to know about the Bank of England. Check the "publications" section for all the latest news and updates!

    2. HM Treasury - GOV.UK

      Webpage  This is yet another useful website. The Treasury is the United Kingdom's economics and finance ministry. It is responsible for formulating and implementing the Government's financial and economic policy. It liaises with FSA and the Bank of England to promote the soundness of the financial system as a whole and economic growth.

    3. CESR [The Committee of European Securities Regulators]

      Website  This is a highly recommended website. The CESR has taken over the Forum of European Securities Commission (FESCO) and -like its predecessor- performs a multitude of fanctions. It acts as an advisory body, it facilitates co-ordination among national securities regulators and works to ensure consistent and timely implementation of community legislation in Member States. Check out on recent developments on the regulation of financial markets in EU level.

    4. Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

      Website  The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is an international organisation which fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks. In this website you will find information on BIS and the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision, which -as you will find out- sets the tone for banking regulation across the globe (www. or alternatively go to, click on "Monetary and Financial Stability" (at the top of the screen) and then click on Basle Committee on Banking Supervision).

    5. International Organisation of Securities Commissions -

      Website  This is the official website of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions. A great source of information and inspiration!

    6. European Central Bank

      Webpage  This is the official website of the European Central Bank. The ECB sets out the monetary policy in the EURO area and is responsible for maintaining price stability.

    7. SSRN

      Webpage  SSRN is a highly reputed electronic liabrary database among academics, researchers and practitioners around the world. It provides access to a wealth of papers (published ones, research papers, working papers etc) from various fields of social sciences including economics and law. Once you are there just click on "search" at the top of the screen and search either by the author's name/topic.

  7. Oxford Handbook of Law, Regulation and Technology - E Scotford, R Brownsword, K Yeung

    Book Background This book will be an useful reference to the understanding of interplay in between law, regulation and technology. This book might shed light to the regulation of virtual money in financial market, especially Bitcoins.

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