1. All the items in this Reading List have been selected becase they are available electronically. They should be used for the preparation of both Assignments. Some of these items are also listed in the Short Bibliography in the Module Guide (accessed fromthe module Blackboard site). Other useful texts that are not currently available electronically are also listed there.

  2. 1. Introductory Textbooks 1 item
    1. Growth of the international economy, 1820-2015 - A. G. Kenwood, A. L. Lougheed, Michael Graff 2013

      Book  Apart from 'concepts', this valuable textbook has introductory material about all the topics covered by the module.

  3. 2. Concepts 5 items
    1. Growth and fluctuations, 1870-1913 - Arthur Lewis 1978

      Book  Core and periphery

    2. Commodity Chains in a Global Economy - Steven C. Topik, Allen Wells

      Chapter  The idea of commodity chains is introduced on pp. 598-99. The rest of this scan, to p. 729, is a case study of the commodity chain for grains (mainly wheat).

    3. Editorial – Commodities, empires, and global history - Sandip Hazareesingh, Jonathan Curry-Machado 2009-3


    4. Commodity Chains in the World-Economy Prior to 1800 - Terence K. Hopkins, Immanuel Wallerstein 1986


    5. Migrations and Belongings - Dirk Hoerder

      Chapter  Migration systems

  4. 3. Merchants and the growth of trade 3 items
  5. 4. Steam, electricity and canals: the impact of technology 3 items
  6. 5. Trade regimes 2 items
    1. Chapter 1: 'European Trade Policy, 1815-1914 - Paul Bairoch

      Chapter  This long essay (the length of a short book) includes a valuable section about trade policies in the rest of the world, including the United States, Britain's colonies of settlement, Latin America and Japan.

    2. The Imperialism of Free Trade - John Gallagher Ronald Robinson 1953

      Article  Imperialism of Free Trade

  7. 6. Trade networks and international payments 3 items
    1. Also see Topik and Wells, Commodity Chains in Section 2 of this List.

  8. 7. International money: the gold standard 5 items
  9. 8. Foreign investment 5 items
  10. 9. International business: the company abroad 3 items
    1. Chapter 3 of The emergence of multinational enterprise: American business abroad from the colonial era to 1914 - Mira Wilkins

      Chapter  This chapter is called: 'The Appearance of Modern International Business (1865-1892)'.

  11. 10. People on the move 6 items
    1. Cultures in contact: world migrations in the second millennium - Dirk Hoerder 2011, c2002

      Book  Part III is the relevant section of the book. Focus especially on Chapter 14, 'Proletarian Mass Migrations in the Atlantic Economies', and Chapter 15, 'The Asian Contract Labour System (1830s to 1920s) and Transpacific Migration'.

    2. Also see Hoerder, Migrations and Belongings in Section 2 of this List.

  12. 11. World Cities: London 2 items
  13. 12. The Financial Press 1 item
    1. James Wilson (1795-1860) - Ruth Dudley Edwards

      Article  This is an article about James Wilson, the founder of The Economist, which is published in the Oxford Dictionary of Biography Online. Cite it as: Ruth Dudley Edwards, ‘Wilson, James (1805–1860)’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004; online edn, May 2012)

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