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  1. In the reading list below, several grammar books have been marked 'recommended for purchase' but to complete the course you only need to have one good reference grammar. You might, of course, want to get more than one, e.g. to be able to draw on different approaches to grammar in your teaching. Whichever grammar book or books you decide on, it/they should be useful to you for years to come. Note also that many of the publications below are available online (e.g. articles and chapters), even when that is not immediately apparent on the list.

  2. Grammar Description & Analysis 25 items
    1. An introduction to English grammar - Sidney Greenbaum, Gerald Nelson 2009

      Book Recommended for Purchase We suggest you buy one good grammar book for the grammar course. It is useful to have one that you get to know really well so you can use it for reference for a long time to come. This is a useful, mainstream alternative but there are also others recommended below. If you buy this one as a second hand book, check that it gives you access to the companion website with keys to exercises, and additional exercises too.

    2. A comprehensive grammar of the English language - Quirk, Randolph, Crystal, David 1985

      Book Background As the title suggests, this grammar tries to cover all of English grammar and does a pretty good job of it too. If you can't find the explanation you are looking for anywhere else, you might find it here.

    3. A university grammar of English - Quirk, Randolph, Greenbaum, Sidney, Quirk, Randolph 1973

      Book Recommended for Purchase This is a pretty thorough, mainstream grammar and there is a book of exercises with a key as well.

    4. A communicative grammar of English - Leech, Geoffrey N, Svartvik, Jan 2002

      Book Recommended for Purchase This is a mainstream grammar but organized around functions and notions - a different perspective, but the terminology you are probably most used to.

    5. English grammar: a resource book for students - Berry, Roger 2011

      Book Recommended for Purchase The book looks at grammar as it is actually used, and is divided into A, B, C sections where A contains the most basic information, and D the most advanced. The exercises in this book are excellent if you want to check your understanding. There are solutions and comments after each section.

    6. A student's introduction to English grammar - Huddleston, Rodney, Pullum, Geoffrey K. 2005

      Book Recommended for Purchase Much of the Grammar Awareness course is based on Huddleston's view of grammar. It is only slightly different from other 'main-stream' (non-functional) grammars.

    7. Grammar - Thornbury, Scott G. 2006

      Book Background

    8. English grammar today: an A-Z of spoken and written grammar - Carter, Ronald 2011

      Book Background The grammar of spoken English is different from that of written English. This book is based on corpus data, i.e. actual use of English.

    9. Analysing English grammar: a systemic functional introduction - Fontaine, Lise 2013

      Book Recommended for Purchase As pointed out above, you only need to buy one grammar book. The Grammar Awareness course is based on main-stream rather than functional grammar But if you are interested in functional grammar, this one might be it. There are a number of other introductions to functional grammar below to choose from.

    10. Exploring English grammar: from formal to functional - Coffin, Caroline, Donohue, Jim, North, Sarah 2009

      Book Recommended for Purchase If you are interested in 'functional grammar' this is a very good introduction.

    11. A university course in English grammar - Downing, Angela, Locke, Philip 2002

      Book Recommended for Purchase

    12. An introduction to functional grammar - Halliday, M. A. K., Matthiessen, Christian M. I. M. 2004

      Book Background Halliday is the founder of systemic functional grammar/linguistics. Seriously interested in functional grammar? Do you already have some background in it? Then you should read this. But there are other, more accessible introductions on the list.

    13. Introducing functional grammar - Thompson, Geoff 2004

      Book Recommended for Purchase

    14. Functional English grammar: an introduction for second language teachers - Lock, Graham 1996

      Book Recommended for Purchase

    15. Collins COBUILD English grammar - Sinclair, John, University of Birmingham 1990

      Book Background All the COBUILD books are corpus based. In other words, their rules and examples are derived from large collections of real use of English.

    16. Grammar for English language teachers - Parrott, Martin 2000

      Book Background Like all pedagogic (teaching) grammars, this one is easy to read. But it is simplified grammar, so read it critically.

    17. Practical English usage - Swan, Michael 2005

      Book Background This is a pedagogic grammar - a grammar book to be used in teaching. That means it is simplified which makes it easy to read, but not always entirely right (language is more complex than this). Read it critically.

    18. English syntax: a grammar for English language professionals - Jacobs, Roderick A 1995

      Book Background

    19. Oxford guide to English grammar - Eastwood, John 1994

      Book Background

    20. Making sense of grammar - Crystal, David 2004

      Book Background A brief, accessible little book - full of useful insights.

    21. Rediscover grammar - Crystal, David, McLachlan, Edward 2004

      Book Background Another slim, well written and useful book by the popular author and scholar.

    22. The teacher's guide to grammar - Cameron, Deborah 2007

      Book Background This slim and accessible book looks at grammar from a discourse (text) perspective. It is written for English teachers in schools where English is either L1 or a second/additional language for most pupils.

    23. Focus on grammar and meaning - Luciana C. De Oliveira, Mary J. Schleppegrell 2015

      Book Background Schleppegrell and her colleagues are functional grammarians who work a lot with teachers in schools and often to improve students' writing. Their approach is very insightful but also practical.

    24. The teacher's grammar of English: a course book and reference guide - Cowan, Ron 2008

      Book Background

    25. Cambridge grammar of English: a comprehensive guide : spoken and written English grammar and usage - Carter, Ronald, McCarthy, Michael 2006

      Book Background Most grammars are only concerned with written language. This grammar also deals with language as it is actually spoken.

  3. Grammar terms & concepts 4 items
    1. The Oxford dictionary of English grammar - Chalker, Sylvia, Weiner, E. S. C. 1994

      Book Background Confused by grammar terms and concepts? Look it up here.

    2. The Cambridge dictionary of English grammar - Peters, Pam 2013

      Book Background

    3. Longman dictionary of language teaching and applied linguistics - Jack C Richards, Richard Schmidt 2010

      Book Background

    4. Discover English: a language analysis for teachers - Rod Bolitho, Brian Tomlinson 2005

      Book Background

  4. Grammar teaching & learning 20 items
    1. The anti-grammar grammar book: a teacher's resource book of discovery activities for grammar teaching - Hall, Nick, Shepheard, John 1991

      Book Background Interesting consciousness raising tasks on the use of verb forms for intermediate students.

    2. Enhancing cooperative learning in TESOL teacher education - M. DelliCarpini 07/03/2008

      Article Background

    3. Grammar myths - Roger Berry

      Article Background

    4. Focus on form-a myth in the making? - R. Sheen 01/07/2003

      Article Background While the Grammar Awareness course does not deal with the teaching of grammar, at some point you need to make the link between this course and second language teaching and learning. This is a good place to start.

    5. Teaching grammar in second language classrooms: integrating form-focused instruction in communicative context - Nassaji, Hossein, Fotos, Sandra 2010

      Book Background While the Grammar Awareness course does not deal with the teaching of grammar, at some point you need to make the link between this course and second language teaching and learning. This is a very good place to start.

    6. Developing grammar in context: Intermediate with answers - Nettle, Mark, Halsted, Diana Hopkins 2003

      Book Background

    7. Current Issues in the Teaching of Grammar: An SLA Perspective - Rod Ellis 01/03/2006

      Article Background This paper can help you make the link between grammar and the learning and teaching of it.

    8. TESOL Methods: Changing Tracks, Challenging Trends - B. Kumaravadivelu 01/03/2006

      Article Background This paper can help you make the link between grammar and the learning and teaching of it.

    9. Games for grammar practice: a resource book of grammar games and interactive activities - Zaorob, Maria Lucia, Chin, Elizabeth M. Liew Siew 2001

      Book Background

    10. How to teach grammar - Thornbury, Scott G. 1999

      Book Background

    11. Uncovering grammar - Thornbury, Scott G. 2005

      Book Background

    12. Natural grammar - Thornbury, Scott G. 2004

      Book Background

    13. Functional grammar in the ESL classroom: Noticing, exploring and practising - Jones, Rodney H., Lock, Graham 2010

      Book Background E-book available. From the publishers' blurb: The book introduces six general procedures for teaching grammar to learners of English as a second language. The procedures are designed to encourage learners to notice, explore and practice grammar in context. Each description and discussion of a procedure is followed by two sample lesson plans together with sample texts and worksheets.

    14. Re-thinking grammar: the impact of embedded grammar teaching on students' writing and students'€™ metalinguistic understanding - Debra A. Myhill, Susan M. Jones, Helen Lines, Annabel Watson 04/2012

      Article Background In this paper there are examples of the classroom activities used in the research project.

    15. Grammar for writing? An investigation of the effects of contextualised grammar teaching on students' writing - Susan Jones, Debra Myhill, Trevor Bailey 2013-9

      Article Background [This paper addresses the question: Does teaching grammar explicitly have a positive effect on learners' writing? The setting is L1 English, but it has wider relevance.]

    16. Exploring the explicit knowledge of TESOL teacher trainees: Implications for focus on form in the classroom - R. Erlam, J. Philp, C. Elder

      Chapter Background Do teachers really need explicit knowledge about grammar? What might happen if they don’t? This paper explores these questions.

    17. ‘I had to go out and get myself a book on grammar’ A study of pre-service teachers’ knowledge about language. - H. Harper, J. Rennie

      Article Background If at the beginning of the grammar course you lack confidence in your grammar knowledge, this paper will perhaps make you feel less ‘alone’.

    18. Describing and explaining grammar and vocabulary in ELT: key theories and effective practices - Dilin Liu 2014 [i.e.2013

      Book Background

    19. Meanings into pictures: Icons for teaching grammar - Agneta M-L Svalberg 1995

      Article Background

    20. ELT Journal

      Journal Background This is one of many journals available to you electronically, through the library. You can find journals by searching by name in the library catalogue, or click on 'journals' above the search box, and search by key word, e.g. 'English Language Teaching'.

  5. Specialist topics in grammar 6 items
    1. 2 Grammar and Spoken English

      Chapter Background This chapter outlines some of the special features of spoken language. Useful both for teaching conversational language, and for analysing it.

    2. Tense - Comrie, Bernard 1985

      Book Background If you are particularly interested in Tense, not only in English but in languages of the world, you should dip into this classic.

    3. Aspect: an introduction to the study of verbal aspect and related problems - Comrie, Bernard 1976

      Book Background If you are particularly interested in Aspect, not only in English but in languages of the world, you should take a look at this classic.

    4. The naked verb: the meaning of the English verb tenses - Maule, David 1991

      Book Background

    5. Modality and the English modals - Palmer, F. R. 1990

      Book Background If you are especially interested in the meanings of English modal verbs, this is the book for you. A classic.

    6. Teaching the English articles as a binary system - Peter Masters 1990

      Article Background

  6. Grammar for writing? An investigation of the effects of contextualised grammar teaching on students’ writing - Susan Jones, Debra Myhill, Trevor Bailey 2013-9

    Article Background Debra Myhill has researched the teaching of grammar for writing to children in UK schools. She takes a functional approach to grammar.

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