1. GY2411 READINGS 0 items
    A list of readings is provided below for each lecture. You should read all the texts marked 'Essential'. In addition you need to read a good selection of the other texts listed, and covering all the themes addressed in each lecture. Additional notes are provided against readings to guide you.
  2. Lecture 2.10.2018. Critiques and Connections: Introduction 5 items
    The readings below relate primarily to the environmental themes introduced in the lecture. You also need to check Margaret Byron's list for development readings. Try to read a selection of the sources below. Many of the themes will be picked up and developed further in subsequent lectures. Make sure you look at current status and critiques of the Sustainable Development Goals, via UN websites etc, as well as in the sources below.
    1. Understanding Poverty and the Environment : Analytical Frameworks and Approaches - Nunan, Fiona 2015

      Book Essential Make sure you at least read Chapter 1. This provides a good overview and introduction to contemporary approaches to the poverty/ environment nexus. If possible, also take a look at Chapter 2 on Political Ecology before the lecture on 18th October.

    2. The Post-Development Dictionary agenda: paths to the pluriverse - Federico Demaria, Ashish Kothari 02/12/2017

      Article Essential

    3. Impact of Climate Change on Least Developed Countries: are the SDGs possible? - IIED Briefing

      Article  This is a very short briefing piece, but provides some important insights into potential challenges and limitations of SDGs in relation to climate change.

  3. Lecture 16.10.18. Rethinking 'Environment' 12 items
    Key texts are indicated below. Make sure you read these and also aim to read a selection of the others. Readings marked 'Essential' are key readings for this lecture. They provide insights into/ overviews of some of the key issues and themes discussed. However, you also need to read extensively from the remainder of the list. Make sure you cover readings from all the themes identified (Political Ecology, Ecosystem Services etc).
    1. Global Nature - Peet R., Robbins P., Watts M.

      Chapter Essential This chapter is also important for the Environmental Governance lecture

    2. Understanding Poverty and the Environment : Analytical Frameworks and Approaches - Nunan, Fiona 2015

      Book Essential Read Chapter 2 - also Chapters 3 and 5 if possible. Chapter 2 is essential.

    3. Political Ecology: A Critical Introduction - Robbins P 2012

      Book Essential If you haven't done so already, make sure you read the Introduction (p. 1-8) and Chapter 1 (p. 11-24). These are essential readings for this lecture.

    4. Liberation ecologies: environment, development, social movements - Richard Peet, Michael Watts 2004

      Book  Chapter 1 gives a useful overview on the political ecology approach.

    5. The political ecology of ecosystem services - Christian A. Kull, Xavier Arnauld de Sartre, Monica Castro-Larrañaga 05/2015

      Article  Important article showing the application of a political ecology approach to the ecosystem services concept.

    6. Contesting expertise: The politics of environmental knowledge in northern Indian groundwater practices - Trevor Birkenholtz 2008-1

      Article  Themes: political ecology, discourse and knowledge. A good case study. You don't need to read all of these non essential articles, but make sure you are familiar with a selection of case studies in relation to the political ecology approach.

    7. Green capitalism, and the cultural poverty of constructing nature as service-provider - Sian Sullivan

      Article  Article from an anthropology journal, but useful in that Sullivan is a key writer on these issues and that this gives an accessible overview of some of the conceptual challenges to Ecosystem Services thinking.

    8. Seminar 3 (16/17 October): Applying Political Ecology 5 items
      Please check seminar instructions on BB to see which one of the following readings you need to prepare for your seminar.
      1. Lost in translation: conflicting views of deforestation, land use and identity in western Madagascar - IVAN R SCALES 03/2012

        Article  Themes: political ecology, discourse and knowledge. Useful case study.

  4. Lecture 30.10.18. Environmental Governance 16 items
    Readings marked 'Essential' are key readings for this lecture. You need to read all of these. You are not expected to read all of the other articles listed, but you do need to read quite extensively from the remainder of the list. This is organised by theme e.g. 'environmental governance'; 'REDD/ climate politics'. Try to read a few articles from each theme. Some links to useful websites are also included. Try to browse these for latest debates and policy reports.
    1. Global political ecology - Peet, Dick, Robbins, Paul, Watts, Michael c2011

      Book Essential Chapter by Bumpus and Liverman, pp. 203-224, 'Carbon colonialism? Offsets, greenhouse gas reductions and sustainable development'.

    2. Green states in Africa: beyond the usual suspects - Carl Death 02/01/2016

      Article Essential Essential article for engaging with the Green States debate in relation to the Global South and particularly Africa. Challenges some western/ Eurocentric definitions and ideas to apply the 'Green States' idea to Africa. Deaths book of the same name has also just been published. Worth looking at the Introduction to this and even C1 if you have chance- available as ebook from library at

    3. Greening Leviathan: the rise of the environmental state? - Andreas Duit, Peter H. Feindt, James Meadowcroft 02/01/2016

      Article  THEME: ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE. Useful introduction to the 'Green/ Environmental States' debate, explores and defines the 'environmental state'. Introduction to a 2016 special edition- worth browsing other articles also.

    4. Theorising Global Environmental Governance: Key Findings and Future Questions - P. Pattberg, O. Widerberg 01/01/2015

      Article  THEME:ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE. Gives a good overview of Global Environmental Governance, its emergence and current issues/ debates. A good place to start your further readings.

    5. Moments of influence in global environmental governance - Rebecca Witter, Kimberly R. Marion Suiseeya, Rebecca L. Gruby, Sarah Hitchner 02/11/2015

      Article  THEME:ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE. Useful exploration of Collaborative Event Ethnography approach and its role in illuminating how global regimes actually work, issues of agency, power in shaping environmental agendas.

    6. Smart Earth: A meta-review and implications for environmental governance - Karen Bakker, Max Ritts 09/2018

      Article  Summary of some key trends in relation to technologies, 'Smart Earth' and environmental governance. The Adams article is more detailed on this theme, but this gives a useful overview.

    7. Geographies of conservation II - William M. Adams 05/11/2017

      Article  Reading for technologies and environmental governance theme.

    8. Non-state actors in global climate governance: from Copenhagen to Paris and beyond - Karin Bäckstrand, Jonathan W. Kuyper, Björn-Ola Linnér, Eva Lövbrand 04/07/2017

      Article  Theme Climate Governance. Also role of non state actors. Useful in discussing hybrid governance and roles of multiple actors across scales.

    9. Performing postcolonial identities at the United Nations’ climate negotiations - Raoni Rajão, Tiago Duarte 03/07/2018

      Article  THEME: Climate Governance. Insight into identity politics linked to positioning as global north or south.

    10. Seeing REDD+ as a project of environmental governance - Mary C. Thompson, Manali Baruah, Edward R. Carr 2011-3


    11. -- UN-REDD Programme - home --

      Website  Useful website to browse around for basic information about REDD+ and recent developments. As with all the websites listed DON'T try to read everything! Use for background information as needed, plus recent updates and case studies.

    12. Film/Seminar 1/11/18 5 items
      1. Green Grabbing: a new appropriation of nature? - James Fairhead, Melissa Leach, Ian Scoones 04/2012

        Article Essential THEME: CONSERVATION/ GREEN GRABBING. This is a key article on green grabbing - make sure you read this one.

      2. Enclosing the global commons: the convention on biological diversity and green grabbing - Catherine Corson, Kenneth Iain MacDonald 04/2012

        Article  THEME: CONSERVATION/GREEN GRABBING. Links to debates on environmental governance in relation to biodiversity conservation and especially to Convention on Biological Diversity meetings.

      3. Governing Global Land Deals: The Role of the State in the Rush for Land - Wendy Wolford, Saturnino M. Borras, Ruth Hall, Ian Scoones 03/2013


  5. Lecture 20.11.18. Environment, Conflict and Climate Refugees 10 items
    In addition to the academic sources below there is also a recent (2017) report by Greenpeace on environmental/ climate change and migration - This provides a current and accessible overview. The Foresight 2011 report cited and referenced in the lecture slides is also available online.
    1. Environmental Dimensions of Migration - Lori M. Hunter, Jessie K. Luna, Rachel M. Norton 14/08/2015

      Article Essential Read this for a good overview - although its not in a geography journal the summary of key issues is still very relevant.

    2. Climate change and forced migrations: An effort towards recognizing climate refugees - Issa Ibrahim Berchin, Isabela Blasi Valduga, Jéssica Garcia, José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório de Andrade Guerra 08/2017


    3. Being(s) framed: The means and ends of framing environmental migrants - Hedda Ransan-Cooper, Carol Farbotko, Karen E. McNamara, Fanny Thornton 11/2015


    4. Focus on environmental risks and migration: causes and consequences - W Neil Adger, Nigel W Arnell, Richard Black, Stefan Dercon 01/06/2015


    5. Gardens of Eden or Hearts of Darkness? The Genealogy of Discourses on Environmental Insecurity and Climate Wars in Africa - Harry Verhoeven 02/10/2014

      Article Essential useful case study based insights into the 'climate conflict/ green wars' hypothesis.

    6. Does climate change drive land-use conflicts in the Sahel? - T. A. Benjaminsen, K. Alinon, H. Buhaug, J. T. Buseth 01/01/2012

      Article Background

    7. Violent climate or climate of violence? Concepts and relations with focus on Kenya and Sudan - Jürgen Scheffran, Tobias Ide, Janpeter Schilling 03/04/2014


  6. Lecture 4.12.18: Environmental Justice 10 items
    The list is organised by: some key overview/ introductory texts to start you off, then followed by detailed case studies and examinations of aspects of EJ, for example global environmental justice. As usual, make sure you read a selection from across the themes, as well as the overview readings.
    1. Beyond Distribution and Proximity: Exploring the Multiple Spatialities of Environmental Justice - Gordon Walker 09/2009

      Article Essential Environmental justice: general (1). Make sure you read at least a couple of the articles on environmental/ climate justice, including this one- and do think about how EJ debates apply in the case of some other issues you have looked at e.g. around green grabbing, conservation, REDD+ etc. This is quite a dated article - but an important overview and introduction to key concepts.

    2. Global environmental justice and biodiversity conservation - Adrian Martin, Shawn McGuire, Sian Sullivan 06/2013

      Article Essential

    3. REDD+ on the rocks? Conflict Over Forest and Politics of Justice in Vietnam - Thomas Sikor, Hoàng Cầm, REDD+ on the rocks? Conflict Over Forest and Politics of Justice in Vietnam Sikor et al 2016-4

      Article Essential

    4. Justice and conservation: The need to incorporate recognition - Adrian Martin, Brendan Coolsaet, Esteve Corbera, Neil M. Dawson 05/2016

      Article  important article for deeper understanding of aspects of 'conservation justice'. Read this together with the 2013 Martin et al article above.

    5. Trends and Directions in Environmental Justice: From Inequity to Everyday Life, Community, and Just Sustainabilities - Julian Agyeman, David Schlosberg, Luke Craven, Caitlin Matthews 17/10/2016

      Article  Good overview article (2016)

    6. Global environmental in/justice, in practice: introduction - Adrian Martin 06/2013

      Article  Good introduction to thinking on global environmental justice

    7. Linking notions of justice and project outcomes in carbon offset forestry projects: Insights from a comparative study in Uganda - J.A. Fisher, C.J. Cavanagh, T. Sikor, D.M. Mwayafu 04/2018

      Article  A really useful article that integrates aspects of climate justice and conservation justice through a practical and accessible example of carbon forestry in Uganda and how EJ issues affect outcomes and success.

    8. Exploring the framing power of NGOs in global climate politics - Jen Iris Allan, Jennifer Hadden 04/07/2017

      Article  Useful article to think about how an EJ - specifically a climate justice-framing is used strategically and with what effects.

  7. Seminar readings (4/5/12.18) Rights and Resistance in a Post Development Era 4 items
    1. Whose environmental justice? Exploring local and global perspectives in a payments for ecosystem services scheme in Rwanda - Adrian Martin, Nicole Gross-Camp, Bereket Kebede, Shawn McGuire 07/2014

      Article Essential Make sure you read this article if you haven't done so already for the seminar. Its a really useful case study of the application of EJ thinking and dilemmas in conservation.

    2. A “justice” reading of the trans-national struggle of the people displaced by the Merowe Dam - Mark Zeitoun, Azza Dirar, Asim El Moghraby, Mohammad Jalal Hashim 03/08/2017

      Article Essential

    3. The sacred mountain: Confronting global capital at Niyamgiri - Kundan Kumar 07/2014

      Article  This gives some further detail of Vedanta case. Don't worry about assemblage theory - what you need to take from this is an understanding of how transnational EJ activism develops.

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