1. Recommended Textbooks 1 item
    1. Carriage of goods by sea - John F. Wilson 2010

      Book Recommended for Purchase

  2. Background Reading 5 items
    Other textbooks that may be of interest for general reading.
    1. International trade law - Indira Carr, Peter Stone 2013

      Book Background

    2. Shipping law - Simon Baughen 2015

      Book Background

    3. Scrutton on charterparties and bills of lading - Bernard Eder, Thomas Edward Scrutton 2011

      Book Background

    4. Schmitthoff's export trade: the law and practice of international trade - Clive M Schmitthoff, David Holloway, Carole Murray, Daren Timson-Hunt 2011

      Book Background

    5. The law of carriage of goods by sea - Lachmi Singh 2011

      Book Background

  3. Journals 3 items
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    1. Reference to articles largely from the following journals will be made:

      Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly [on-line and hard-copies in the library - see below]

      Journal of Business Law [on-line through Westlaw - see below]

      Students will also be required to search the web and university library database to acquire articles from journals dedicated to this area of the law.

  4. Blogs and Websites 2 items
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    1. Marine and Commercial channel i-Law

      Webpage  This subscription includes access to the following full-text law reports, journals and practitioner texts: Maritime and Commercial channel • Lloyd's Law Reports (Lloyd's Rep), 1919 to date • Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly (LMCLQ), 2000 to date • Shipping and Trade Law (STL), 2000 to date 50+ books including: • Bills of Lading • Commercial Shipping Handbook • Dictionary of Shipping Terms • Marine Insurance: Law and Practice • Maritime Fraud and Piracy • Modern Maritime Law • Ratification of Maritime Conventions

    2. BIMCO

      Website  Please see attached a link to the Baltic and International Marine Conference website. This will provide you will find examples of standard marine contracts and clauses (click on 'Documentary' tab).

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