1. Key texts 7 items
    As this is an interdisciplinary course, there is not one textbook that can cover its content. Readings will be primarily in the form of academic journal articles and/or specific book chapters and accessed either by the students themselves through the library via the references provided via Blackboard. Two useful texts that can act as a basic guide through the details of key financial markets and exchanges that will be covered and how they operate are:
    1. An Introduction to Global Financial Markets - Stephen Valdez, Philip Molyneux 2015

      Book  Other editions and formats available in the library.

    2. Two non-academic books that provide very valuable insights into how contemporary financial markets operate and into the everyday working practices are:

    3. The big short: inside the doomsday machine - Michael Lewis 2010


    4. Flash boys: a Wall Street revolt - Michael Lewis 2015


    5. A good introduction to the interdisciplinary approach the module uses to study finance and accounting can be found in:

    6. Material markets: how economic agents are constructed - Donald A. MacKenzie 2009


  2. Introduction: social studies of finance 2 items
  3. Network connections in financial markets 2 items
  4. Exchanges and the introduction of IT 2 items
  5. The value of face-to-face interaction in finance 1 item
  6. Payment systems and inter-bank relations 2 items
    1. Origins and development of SWIFT, 1973–2009 - Susan V. Scott, Markos Zachariadis 06/2012


  7. Analysis of financial activities 2 items
  8. ‘Dark Pools’ and alternative trading systems 3 items
  9. Marketing and selling finance: practices and innovations 1 item
  10. Algorithmic trading and HFT 1 item
  11. Analysis of the credit crisis 2 items
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