1. Primary reading 3 items
    These are the literary works you must read for this module. The editions suggested here are available in the library but any good edition of the texts will be suitable. If you are in doubt about the suitability of an edition, please ask your tutor.
    1. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen 1999

      Book Essential Pride and Prejudice, which opens with one of the most famous sentences in English Literature, is an ironic novel of manners. In it the garrulous and empty-headed Mrs Bennet has only one aim - that of finding a good match for each of her five daughters. In this she is mocked by her cynical and indolent husband. With its wit, its social precision and, above all, its irresistible heroine, Pride and Prejudice has proved one of the most enduringly popular novels in the English language.

    2. Lyrical ballads: 1798 and 1802 - William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge 2013

      Book Essential Wordsworth and Coleridge's joint collection of poems has often been singled out as the founding text of English Romanticism. Within this initially unassuming, anonymous volume were many of the poems that came to define their age and which have continued to delight readers ever since, including 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner', the 'Lucy' poems, 'Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey', 'A Slumber did my Spirit seal' and many more. Wordsworth's famous Preface is a manifesto not just for Romanticism but for poetry in general.

    3. Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë 2000

      Book Essential Or any other edition. This is one of the set novels for 2014-15. Wuthering Heights is a wild, passionate story of the intense and almost demonic love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, a foundling adopted by Catherine's father. After Mr Earnshaw's death, Heathcliff is bullied and humiliated by Catherine's brother Hindley and wrongly believing that his love for Catherine is not reciprocated, leaves Wuthering Heights, only to return years later as a wealthy and polished man. He proceeds to exact a terrible revenge for his former miseries. The action of the story is chaotic and unremittingly violent, but the accomplished handling of a complex structure, the evocative descriptions of the lonely moorland setting and the poetic grandeur of vision combine to make this unique novel a masterpiece of English literature.

  2. Secondary reading 10 items
    The items here are suggestions for further reading. You must also refer to at least two items from this list in your assignments for this module.
    1. On Stories - Richard Kearney 2002

      Book Background Stories offer us some of the richest and most enduring insights into the human condition and have preoccupied philosophy since Aristotle. On Stories presents in clear and compelling style just why narrative has this power over us and argues that the unnarrated life is not worth living. Drawing on the work of James Joyce, Sigmund Freud's patient 'Dora' and the case of Oscar Schindler, Richard Kearney skilfully illuminates how stories not only entertain us but can determine our lives and personal identities. He also considers nations as stories, including the story of Romulus and Remus in the founding of Rome. Throughout, On Stories stresses that, far from heralding the demise of narrative, the digital era merely opens up new stories.

    2. The Short Oxford History of English Literature - Sanders, Andrew 2004

      Book Background The Short Oxford History of English Literature is the most comprehensive and scholarly history of English literature on the market. It offers an introductory guide to the literature of the British Isles from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present day in eleven chapters covering all the major periods of English literature chronologically. Professor Sanders provides detailed analysis of the major writers and their works and examines the impact of British literature on contemporary political, social and intellectual developments. This third edition has been revised and updated for a 21st century reader, incorporating discussion of a greater number of female and contemporary authors.

    3. The Norton Anthology of English Literature

      Website Background The Ninth Edition offers more complete works and more teachable groupings than ever before, the apparatus you trust, and a new, free Supplemental Ebook with more than 1,000 additional texts. Read by more than 8 million students, The Norton Anthology of English Literature sets the standard and remains an unmatched value.

    4. The English Novel: An Introduction - Eagleton, Terry 2004

      Book Background This book provides a wide–ranging, accessible and humorous introduction to the English novel from Daniel Defoe to the present day. Each chapter discusses the major works of the author in question, outlines the relevant historical context, and draws out common themes. The English Novel is an ideal introduction for students of English literature or for general readers.

    5. The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen - Copeland, Edward, McMaster, Juliet 2011

      Book Background Jane Austen's stock in the popular marketplace has never been higher, while academic studies continue to uncover new aspects of her engagement with her world. This fully updated edition of the acclaimed Cambridge Companion offers clear, accessible coverage of the intricacies of Austen's works in their historical context, with biographical information and suggestions for further reading. Major scholars address Austen's six novels, the letters and other works, in terms accessible to students and the many general readers, as well as to academics. With seven new essays, the Companion now covers topics that have become central to recent Austen studies, for example, gender, sociability, economics, and the increasing number of screen adaptations of the novels.

    6. The Cambridge Companion to 'Pride and Prejudice' 2013

      Webpage Background Named in many surveys as Britain's best-loved work of fiction, Pride and Prejudice is now a global brand, with film and television adaptations making Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy household names. With a combination of original readings and factual background information, this Companion investigates some of the sources of the novel's power. It explores key themes and topics in detail: money, land, characters and style. The history of the book's composition and first publication is set out, both in individual essays and in the section of chronology. Chapters on the critical reception, adaptations and cult of the novel reveal why it has become an enduing classic with a unique and timeless appeal.

    7. The Cambridge Companion to the Brontës - Heather Glen 2006

      Book Background The extraordinary works of the three sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë have entranced and challenged scholars, students, and general readers for the past 150 years. This Companion offers a fascinating introduction to those works, including two of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century - Charlotte's Jane Eyre and Emily's Wuthering Heights. In a series of original essays, contributors explore the roots of the sisters' achievement in early nineteenth-century Haworth, and the childhood 'plays' they developed; they set these writings within the context of a wider history, and show how each sister engages with some of the central issues of her time. The essays also consider the meaning and significance of the Brontës' enduring popular appeal. A detailed chronology and guides to further reading provide further reference material, making this a volume indispensable for scholars and students, and all those interested in the Brontës and their work.

    8. Romanticism: An Anthology - Duncan Wu 2012

      Book Background Since it was first published in 1995, Duncan Wu’s Romanticism: An Anthology has been used and appreciated by thousands of literature students and their teachers across the globe. The only book to contain complete texts, edited for this volume from manuscript and early printed sources by Wu, along with explanatory annotations and author headnotes. Contains everything teachers and students require for an in–depth survey of the principal writings to emerge from the British Romantic period. The most widely–used teaching anthology in the field in the UK. Companion website features a dynamic timeline detailing significant events of the romantic period and providing images, suggestions for further reading and useful links to other online resources:

    9. The Cambridge Companion to British Romanticism - Curran, Stuart 2010

      Book Background This Companion offers a unique introduction, guide, and reference work for students and readers of Romantic literature. The age of British Romanticism was a period of turbulent transition between the professed stability of the Enlightenment before it and the Victorian middle-class culture which succeeded it. Against a background of international warfare, the Romantic age embodied in its greatest literature a sense of competing values and ideals explored sceptically in the creative process, rather than dogmatic certainties fulfilled in its completion. Recent scholarship has led to the rejection of the easy categories once used to label Romanticism, but until now there has been no concerted attempt to represent to students of the period the full range of conflicting forces responsible for its dynamic literature. The eleven original essays which make up this volume make a significant contribution to our understanding of the period, providing readers with clear and coherent access to the historical roots, intellectual ferment, and cultural range of British Romanticism. It includes a chronology of major publications and events, and an extensive guide to further reading.

    10. The Cambridge Companion to British Romantic Poetry - Chandler, James, McLane, Maureen N. 2008

      Book Background Romantic poetry has been one of the most enduring, best loved, most widely read and most frequently studied genres for two centuries and remains no less so today. This Companion offers a comprehensive overview and interpretation of the poetry of the period in its literary and historical contexts. The essays consider its metrical, formal, and linguistic features; its relation to history; its influence on other genres; its reflections of empire and nationalism, both within and outside the British Isles; and the various implications of oral transmission and the rapid expansion of print culture and mass readership.

  3. Study Skills & Support 3 items
    These are books for self-study only. They can help you improve your academic writing skills.
    1. Writing about Literature : A Guide for the Student Critic - William Frances Garrett-Petts 2013

      Book Background Writing About Literature introduces students to critical reading and writing through a thorough and engaging discussion of the field, but also through exercises, interviews, exemplary student and scholarly essays, and visual material. It offers students an insider's guide to the language, issues, approaches, styles, assumptions, and traditions that inform the writing of successful critical essays, and aims to make student writers a part of the world of professional literary criticism. Much of the discussion is structured around ways to analyse and respond to a single work, Stephen Crane's story “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”. The book presents specific examples of both student writing and professional academic writing, showing how to polish an essay from an “F” to an “A”.

    2. The Wiley Guide to Writing Essays about Literature - Paul Headrick 2014

      Book Background This practical guide to writing analytical essays on literature develops interpretive skills through focused exercises and modeled examples. The program is tailored to meet the specific needs of beginning undergraduates. Features unique, detailed guidance on paragraph structure. Includes sample essays throughout to model each stage of the essay–writing process. Focused exercises develop the techniques outlined in each chapter. Dedicated checklists enable quick, accurate assessment by teachers and students. Enhanced glossary with advice on usage added to core definitions.

    3. Studying literature: the essential companion - Paul Goring, Jeremy Hawthorn, Domhnall Mitchell 2010

      Book Background Studying Literature: The Essential Companion is a unique guide for English undergraduates. Designed to accompany you throughout the whole of your English degree, this is a one-stop reference for all the information you need, both on the subject and the best way to study it. Combining a study skills guide, a section on digital resources, a guide to literary theories and theorists and a glossary of literary terms, the companion blends academic rigour with vital practical information. Studying Literature: The Essential Companion provides you with the tools you need to engage with and enjoy English, ultimately ensuring exam confidence and success.

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