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  1. The unwritten rules of PhD research - Petre, Marian, Rugg, Gordon 2010

    Book  This text contains a chapter on critical thinking in relation to doctoral research and writing, emphasising the importance of communities of practice and shared understanding. The chapter concludes with a variety of short experimental exercises to enable doctoral students to hone their critical thinking and creativity skills through, among others, inverting propositions, arguing from alternative perspectives and mind maps.

  2. Teaching critical thinking for transfer across domains: Disposition, skills, structure training, and metacognitive monitoring. - Diane F. Halpern 1998

    Article  Halpern’s article explores the ways in which critical thinking can be learned and taught, and considers the ways in which learners learn to be critical, and consciously transfer their criticality from one context to another.

  3. Critical thinking and the disciplines reconsidered - Martin Davies 08/2013

    Article  This is a stimulating exploration of critical thinking and the disciplines. Does critical thinking manifest itself differently in different fields? Are some areas of research more ‘critical’ than others? This article argues for a more universal, transferable view of critical thinking and guides the reader through the process of reasoning, evidence and drawing conclusions.

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