1. Week One: The Intelligence-Ethics Tension 13 items
    1. The ethics of espionage - Tony Pfaff, Jeffrey R. Tiel 03/2004


    2. Ethics and Intelligence: A Debate - Sir David Omand, Mark Phythian 03/2013


  2. Week Two: Overcoming the Intelligence-Ethics Tension: Insights from Just War Theory 4 items
  3. Week Three: The SDS and Undercover Policing 6 items
    1. Derbyshire Constabulary - Operation Herne

      Webpage  Download the reports of the Derbyshire Constabulary Operation Herne Inquiry into the Special Demonstration Squad

    2. Stephen Lawrence independent review - Publications - GOV.UK

      Webpage  Download the report of the Ellison Review of the Metropolitan Police and their treatment of the Lawrence Family

  4. Week Four: Ethics and Counter-Terrorism I: Project Champion 4 items
    1. Project Champion Review - Thornton Sara 30/09/2010


  5. Week Five: The SDS, Undercover Policing, and Project Champion: Lessons Learned 4 items
    1. Routledge handbook of surveillance studies - David Lyon, Kevin D. Haggerty, Kirstie Ball 2012

      Book  Parts III and IV

    2. Covert surveillance and covert human intelligence sources codes of practice - Publications - GOV.UK

      Webpage  Download guidance documents on surveillance and use of covert human intelligence sources

    3. Undercover policing guide | College of Policing

      Webpage  Download the National College of Police Authorised Professional Practice guide for undercover policing operations

  6. Week Six: Ethics and Predictive Technologies 9 items
    1. Policy Assessments Market 4 items
    2. Predictive Policing 5 items
  7. Week Seven: Ethics and Counter-Terrorism II: The Torture Debate 8 items
    1. Torture: A Collection - Sanford Levinson, Sanford Levinson 2004 (electronic resource)


    2. Watching 'Zero Dark Thirty' with the CIA: Separating Fact from Fiction

      Document  Moderated discussion about the portrayal of torture in the film 'Zero Dark Thirty' in comparison with the reality. Participants were General Michael Hayden (Former CIA Director), John Rizzo (Former CIA Chief Legal Officer) and Jose Rodriguez (Former Director of CIA Clandestine Service). Moderated by Marc Thiessen.

    3. Interrogation, Intelligence and the Issue of Human Rights - Samantha Newbery, Bob Brecher, Philippe Sands, Brian Stewart 10/2009


  8. Week Eight: Ethics and Counter-Terrorism III: Targeted Assassination 8 items
  9. Week Nine: The Ethical Implications of the Edward Snowden Leaks 8 items
    1. An Special Forum: Implications of the Snowden Leaks - Loch K. Johnson, Richard J. Aldrich, Christopher Moran, David M. Barrett 02/11/2014


    2. After Snowden: Rethinking the Impact of Surveillance - Zygmunt Bauman, Didier Bigo, Paulo Esteves, Elspeth Guild 06/2014


  10. Week Ten: The Role (and Limits?) of Intelligence Oversight 8 items
    1. Handbook of intelligence studies - Loch K. Johnson 2009

      Book  Intelligence Oversight and Accountability is covered in Part 6

    2. SECURITY CLOUDS - Monica den Boer, Jelle van Buuren 02/2012


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