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Name Code Type
Advanced Topics in Chronic Disease and Inflammation [ Postgraduate ] MB7315 Module
Advanced Topics in Infection and Immunity [ Postgraduate ] MB7305 Module
Cancer Therapeutics MB7403 Module
Clinical Presentation and Management of Diabetes Complications and Cardiovascular Disease MB7502 Module
Core Theory & Practical Techniques in Infection &Immunity MB7308 Module
Core Theory & Techniques in Chronic Disease and Inflammation [ Postgraduate ] MB7311 Module
Core Theory & Techniques in Infection and Immunity [ Postgraduate ] MB7301 Module
Data Analysis [ Postgraduate ] MB7304 Module
Diploma Level Research Project [ Postgraduate ] MB7307 Module
Experimental Design and Application of Molecular Genetic Techniques to Research MB7212 Module
Fundamental Processes of Inflammation [ Postgraduate ] MB7312 Module
Health and Disease in Society MEX056 Module
Health Psychology & Human Diversity MEX052 Module
Immunity [ Postgraduate ] MB7303 Module
Infection & Immunity MB7309 Module
Infectious Disease [ Postgraduate ] MB7302 Module
Introduction to Techniques in Molecular Genetics and Data Analysis MB7211 Module
Medical Bioscience MB1080 Module
Molecular Methods & Experimental Design MB7402 Module
Molecular Pathology & Cell Biology of Cancer MB7401 Module
MSc Laboratory Research Project [ Postgraduate ] MB7316 Module
MSc. Research Project MB7404 Module
Patient-Centred Clinical Practice 2 MEX062 Module
PGDip Laboratory Research Project [ Postgraduate ] MB7317 Module
Research Laboratory Project [ Postgraduate ] MB7306 Module
Undergraduate Medical Course ME0005 Module

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