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Name Code Type
BS0004 Basic Skills for Psychology 2018-19 SEM2 BS0004_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS0011 Foundations of Biological Sciences 2018-19 SEM1 BS0011_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS0012 Introduction to Medical Sciences 2018-19 SEM1 BS0012_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS0013 Exploring Psychology 2018-19 SEM2 BS0013_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS0014 Biological Sciences: Molecules to Systems 2018-19 SEM2 BS0014_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS1030 The Molecules of Life - An Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2018-19 SEM1 BS1030_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS1040 The Cell - An Introduction to Cell Biology and Microbiology 2018-19 SEM1 BS1040_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS1050 From Individuals to Populations - An Introduction to Genetics 2018-19 SEM2 BS1050_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS1060 Multicellular Organisation - An Introduction to Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience 2018-19 SEM2 BS1060_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS1070 Biodiversity and Behaviour - An Introduction to Zoology 2018-19 SEM2 BS1070_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS2000 Research Topic 2018-19 SEM2 BS2000_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS2009 Genomes 2018-19 SEM1 BS2009_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS2013 Physiology and Pharmacology 2018-19 SEM1 BS2013_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS2014 Exercise Physiology and Pharmacology 2018-19 SEM2 BS2014_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS2015 Physiology of Excitable Cells 2018-19 SEM1 BS2015_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS2026 Genes, Development and Inheritance 2018-19 SEM2 BS2026_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS2030 Principles of Microbiology 2018-19 SEM1 BS2030_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS2031 Virology 2018-19 SEM1 BS2031_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS2032 Eukaryotic Microbiology and Immunology 2018-19 SEM2 BS2032_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS2040 Bioinformatics 2018-19 SEM2 BS2040_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS2066 Behavioural Neurobiology 2018-19 SEM2 BS2066_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS2076 Evolutionary and Developmental Biology 2018-19 SEM1 BS2076_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS2077 Neurobiology and Animal Behaviour 2018-19 SEM2 BS2077_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS2078 A Field Guide to Evolution 2018-19 SEM2 BS2078_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS2091 Biochemistry of Nucleic Adics 2018-19 SEM2 BS2091_2018-19_SEM2 Module
BS2092 Molecular Cell Biology 2018-19 SEM1 BS2092_2018-19_SEM1 Module
BS2093 Protein Control in Cellular Regulation 2018-19 SEM2 BS2093_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MB1080 Introduction to Medical Bioscience 2018-19 SEM1 MB1080_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MB1080 Introduction to Medical Bioscience 2018-19 SEM2 MB1080_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MB2020 Medical Microbiology 2018-19 SEM1 MB2020_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MB2050 Applications of Medical Biochemistry 2018-19 SEM1 MB2050_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MB2051 Current Issues in Medical Genetics 2018-19 SEM1 MB2051_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MB2080 Pathophysiology of Disease 2018-19 SEM1 MB2080_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MD0004 Medicine: the patient 2018-19 SEM2 MD0004_2018-19_SEM2 Module
NT1001 Principles of Science 2018-19 SEM1 NT1001_2018-19_SEM1 Module
NT1002 Bonds, Molecules and Cells 2018-19 SEM1 NT1002_2018-19_SEM1 Module
NT1003 Network and Circuits 2018-19 SEM2 NT1003_2018-19_SEM2 Module
NT1004 Biophysics, Physiology and Metabolism 2018-19 SEM2 NT1004_2018-19_SEM2 Module
NT1005 Laboratory, Computing and Scientific Skills I 2018-19 Y NT1005_2018-19_Y Module
NT1006 Mathematics for Science 2018-19 Y NT1006_2018-19_Y Module
NT1007 Science, Society and Sustainability 2018-19 SEM2 NT1007_2018-19_SEM2 Module
NT1007 Science, Society and Sustainability 2018-19 Y NT1007_2018-19_Y Module

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