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Name Code Type
International Business MN3104_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1000 Management Theory and Debate 2018-19 SEM1 MN1000_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN1002 Principles of Marketing 2018-19 SEM2 MN1002_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1009 Management Inquiry and Analysis 2018-19 SEM1 MN1009_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN1010 Business Finance and Reporting 2018-19 SEM2 MN1010_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1011 Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics 2018-19 SEM2 MN1011_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1012 Employment Relations 2018-19 SEM2 MN1012_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1013 Work and Society 2018-19 SEM2 MN1013_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1014 Economy and Society 2018-19 SEM1 MN1014_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN1015 Management Tutorials (BA Management Studies) 2018-19 Y MN1015_2018-19_Y Module
MN1016 Foundations of Financial Accounting 2018-19 SEM1 MN1016_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN1017 Foundations of Economics 2018-19 SEM1 MN1017_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN1018 Management and Cost Accounting 2018-19 SEM2 MN1018_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1019 Foundations of Finance 2018-19 SEM2 MN1019_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1020 Introduction to Accounting Theory 2018-19 SEM2 MN1020_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1021 Innovation In Context 2018-19 SEM1 MN1021_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN1022 Social and Ethical Foundations of Innovation, Science and Technology 2018-19 SEM2 MN1022_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1023 Management Tutorials (BSc Accounting and Finance) 2018-19 Y MN1023_2018-19_Y Module
MN1024 Information Management 2018-19 SEM1 MN1024_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN1025 Introduction to Management for Accounting and Finance 2018-19 SEM1 MN1025_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN1400 Introduction to Marketing 2018-19 T3 MN1400_2018-19_T3 Module
MN1401 Introduction to Accountancy 2018-19 T3 MN1401_2018-19_T3 Module
MN1402 Information Technology 2018-19 T1 MN1402_2018-19_T1 Module
MN1403 Quantitative Methods 2018-19 T1 MN1403_2018-19_T1 Module
MN1404 Economics for Management 2018-19 T2 MN1404_2018-19_T2 Module
MN1405 Foundations of Knowledge 2018-19 T1 MN1405_2018-19_T1 Module
MN1406 Foundations of Management 2018-19 T2 MN1406_2018-19_T2 Module
MN1407 Foundations of Entrepreneurship 2018-19 SEM1 MN1407_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN1408 Entrepreneurial Practices 2018-19 SEM2 MN1408_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1409 Accounting and Finance in Context 2018-19 SEM2 MN1409_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN1410 Maths and Statistics for Accounting and Finance 2018-19 SEM1 MN1410_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2024 Entrepreneurial Environments 2018-19 SEM1 MN2024_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2025 Entrepreneurial Leadership 2018-19 SEM2 MN2025_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2101 Financial Management 2018-19 SEM1 MN2101_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2103 Research Methods 2018-19 SEM2 MN2103_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2104 Organisational Behaviour 2018-19 SEM1 MN2104_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2109 Business Simulation I 2018-19 SEM1 MN2109_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2110 Operations Management 2018-19 SEM2 MN2110_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2112 International Marketing Communications 2018-19 SEM2 MN2112_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2114 International Finance 2018-19 SEM2 MN2114_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2116 Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory and Practice 2018-19 SEM2 MN2116_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2117 Stock Market Analysis and Equity Valuation 2018-19 SEM2 MN2117_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2118 Global Branding (Theory and Practice) 2018-19 SEM2 MN2118_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2120 The Business Environment 2018-19 SEM1 MN2120_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2121 Consumer Research 2018-19 SEM2 MN2121_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2122 Dissertation Preparation 2018-19 SEM2 MN2122_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2123 The Business Environment for Economics 2018-19 SEM1 MN2123_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2125 Crisis Management 2018-19 SEM2 MN2125_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2131 Human Resource Management 2018-19 SEM2 MN2131_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2133 Managing Diversity 2018-19 SEM2 MN2133_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2134 Corporate Finance 2018-19 SEM1 MN2134_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2135 Foundations of Financial Reports Analysis 2018-19 SEM1 MN2135_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2136 Corporate Governance 2018-19 SEM1 MN2136_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2137 Financial Markets Products: Futures and Forwards 2018-19 SEM2 MN2137_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2138 Accounting, Decision making and Control 2018-19 SEM2 MN2138_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2139 Accounting Theory 2018-19 SEM2 MN2139_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2140 Macro-Finance 2018-19 SEM2 MN2140_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2141 Accounting for small and medium enterprises 2018-19 SEM2 MN2141_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2142 Public Accounting 2018-19 SEM2 MN2142_2018-19_SEM2 Module
MN2143 Workplace Learning and HRM 2018-19 SEM1 MN2143_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2144 Globalisation and Skills 2018-19 SEM1 MN2144_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2156 Organisational Behaviour 2018-19 SEM1 MN2156_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN2158 Workplace Learning and HRM 2018-19 SEM1 MN2158_2018-19_SEM1 Module
MN9000 UG Careers 2018-19 SEM1 MN9000_2018-19_SEM1 Module

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