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Name Code Type
FS0011 Science 1: Materials 2018-19 SEM1 FS0011_2018-19_SEM1 Module
FS0012 Science 2: Mechanics 2018-19 SEM1 FS0012_2018-19_SEM1 Module
FS0013 Science 3: Heat and Energy 2018-19 SEM2 FS0013_2018-19_SEM2 Module
FS0014 Science 4: Electricity, Magnetism and the Quantum World 2018-19 SEM2 FS0014_2018-19_SEM2 Module
FS0014 Science 4: Electricity, Magnetism and the Quantum World 2018-19 SEM2 (DLI) FS0014_2018-19_SEM2_DLI Module
FS0015 Mechanical Engineering Foundation 2018-19 SEM2 (DLI) FS0015_2018-19_SEM2_DLI Module
FS0021 Methods and Techniques 2018-19 Y FS0021_2018-19_Y Module
FS0023 Laboratory Skills 2018-19 Y FS0023_2018-19_Y Module
FS0031 Mathematics 1 2018-19 SEM1 FS0031_2018-19_SEM1 Module
FS0032 Mathematics 2 2018-19 SEM2 FS0032_2018-19_SEM2 Module
PA1010 Physics Skills and Professional Development 1 2018-19 Y PA1010_2018-19_Y Module
PA1110 Mechanics 2018-19 SEM1 PA1110_2018-19_SEM1 Module
PA1120 Light and Matter 2018-19 SEM2 PA1120_2018-19_SEM2 Module
PA1130 Electricity and Magnetism 2018-19 SEM1 PA1130_2018-19_SEM1 Module
PA1140 Waves and Quanta 2018-19 SEM2 PA1140_2018-19_SEM2 Module
PA1601 Introduction to Astrophysics, Modern Physics and Space Science 2018-19 Y PA1601_2018-19_Y Module
PA1710 Mathematical Physics 1.1 2018-19 SEM1 PA1710_2018-19_SEM1 Module
PA1720 Mathematical Physics 1.2 2018-19 SEM2 PA1720_2018-19_SEM2 Module
PA1900 Experimental Physics 1 2018-19 Y PA1900_2018-19_Y Module
PA1914 Sun, Earth and Planets 2018-19 SEM2 PA1914_2018-19_SEM2 Module
PA2010 Physics Skills and Professional Development 2 2018-19 Y PA2010_2018-19_Y Module
PA2230 Condensed Matter Physics 2018-19 SEM2 PA2230_2018-19_SEM2 Module
PA2240 Electromagnetic Fields 2018-19 SEM1 PA2240_2018-19_SEM1 Module
PA2260 Relativity, Quantum Physics and Particles 2018-19 SEM1 PA2260_2018-19_SEM1 Module
PA2601 Intermediate Astrophysics and Modern Physics 2018-19 SEM2 PA2601_2018-19_SEM2 Module
PA2710 Mathematical Physics 2 2018-19 SEM1 PA2710_2018-19_SEM1 Module
PA2720 Statistical Physics 2018-19 SEM2 PA2720_2018-19_SEM2 Module
PA2900 Experimental Physics 2 2018-19 Y PA2900_2018-19_Y Module
PA2980 Experimental Physics 1 2018-19 SEM2 PA2980_2018-19_SEM2 Module

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