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Name Code Type
LW1120 Constitutional and Administrative Law 2018-19 Y LW1120_2018-19_Y Module
LW1130 Contract Law 2018-19 Y LW1130_2018-19_Y Module
LW1150 Law of Tort 2018-19 Y LW1150_2018-19_Y Module
LW1171 Analysing the English Legal System 2018-19 SEM1 LW1171_2018-19_SEM1 Module
LW1172 Law, Justice and Society 2018-19 SEM2 LW1172_2018-19_SEM2 Module
LW2181 Foundations of Canadian Law (FCL) 2018-19 SEM2 LW2181_2018-19_SEM2 Module
LW2220 Criminal Law 2018-19 Y LW2220_2018-19_Y Module
LW2240 EU Law 2018-19 Y LW2240_2018-19_Y Module
LW2390 Land Law 2018-19 Y LW2390_2018-19_Y Module

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