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Name Code Type
AH1008 Approaching Ancient Evidence (Greek) 2018-19 SEM2 AH1008_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AH1009 Approaching Ancient Evidence (Roman) 2018-19 SEM1 AH1009_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AH1010 Introduction to Greek History 2018-19 SEM2 AH1010_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AH1011 Introduction to Roman History 2018-19 SEM1 AH1011_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AH1012 The Ancient World Beyond the Mediterranean 2018-19 SEM1 AH1012_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AH1013 Introduction to Classical Culture 2018-19 SEM1 AH1013_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AH1013 Introduction to Classical Culture 2018-19 SEM2 AH1013_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AH2012 Sources, Methods and Theory for Ancient History 2018-19 SEM1 AH2012_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AH2022 Classical and Hellenistic Greek States 2018-19 SEM1 AH2022_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AH2023 The Roman Principate 2018-19 SEM1 AH2023_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AH2037 The Ancient Near East 2018-19 SEM2 AH2037_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AH2038 Roman Social History and the Roman Family 2018-19 SEM2 AH2038_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AH2040 The Late Antique World 2018-19 SEM1 AH2040_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AH2044 Greek History in 40 Lives 2018-19 SEM2 AH2044_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AH2045 Source Project 2018-19 SEM2 AH2045_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR1004 An Introduction to World Archaeology BC 2018-19 SEM1 AR1004_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR1005 An Introduction to World Archaeology AD 2018-19 SEM2 AR1005_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR1007 Archaeology: The Essentials 2018-19 SEM1 AR1007_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR1008 Using Archaeological Evidence 2018-19 SEM2 AR1008_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR1009 Practical Aims and Methods in Archaeology 2018-19 SEM1 AR1009_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR1010 Archaeological Research 2018-19 SEM2 AR1010_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR1012 Thinking Through Things 2018-19 SEM1 AR1012_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR1013 Debates in Contemporary Archaeological Research 2018-19 SEM2 AR1013_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR2008 Environmental Archaeology 2018-19 SEM1 AR2008_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR2028 Archaeological Survey and Geomatics 2018-19 SEM1 AR2028_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR2029 Theory in Archaeology 2018-19 SEM2 AR2029_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR2031 Artefact Analysis 2018-19 SEM2 AR2031_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR2032 The Archaeology of Prehistory 2018-19 SEM1 AR2032_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR2033 Celts, Britons and Barbarians: Iron Age Europe in context 2018-19 SEM2 AR2033_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR2034 Living in Towns: Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeological Approaches 2018-19 SEM1 AR2034_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR2036 Heritage Skills 2018-19 SEM1 AR2036_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR2036 Heritage Skills 2018-19 SEM2 AR2036_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR2042 Towards Modernity: Postmedieval and Historical Archaeology 2018-19 SEM1 AR2042_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR2042 Towards Modernity: Postmedieval and Historical Archaeology 2018-19 SEM2 AR2042_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR2043 The Medieval Mediterranean World 2018-19 SEM2 AR2043_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR2044 Fieldwork I 2018-19 SEM1 AR2044_2018-19_SEM1 Module
AR2045 Professional Archaeological Practice 2018-19 SEM2 AR2045_2018-19_SEM2 Module
AR2046 Archaeology of the Roman Empire 2018-19 SEM1 AR2046_2018-19_SEM1 Module

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